COMER is an award winning, Fashion & Tourism photographer.

Photographer COMER (aka Matthew Comer) travels the globe shooting for fashion and editorial clients as well as tourism boards and top chefs. 

Represented worldwide by JSR Agency.

An award winning fashion, editorial and travel photographer he's naturally a perfectionist, a romantic, a nostalgic. He's a pretty normal dude too though; hailing from Manchester, UK he brings with him an element of realism and humour to every shoot.  His photography celebrates all things youth with a large pinch of sub-culture accompanied by a tongue in cheek wink. He brings a reportage feel to a staged scenario, making you feel you really know the people in his photographs or you were even there when they created the shots.

COMER has worked with commercial clients including Levi's, Dockers, Nivea, UGG, HTC, JD Sports, Lee Cooper Jeans, Nike, American Apparel, Adidas, Manchester United FC, Boohoo, Private White VC, Channel 5 & Hype. As well as many magazines from Vogue UK to the re-invented Playboy.

COMER is also the founder & Editor-in-Chief of Off The Rails Magazine, providing a platform to artists globally from photographers to painters. The magazine promotes an all year round summertime, rock'n'roll mentalities and nostalgic youth that everybody can appreciate.

The Beginning: Mayhem in Manchester

COMER began his career in 2005 as an underground music photographer documenting the underworld of punk rock shows in the UK. Going by the name of 'Mayhem' he photographed every show in the city of Manchester. Working closely with promoters, record labels & local artists. He worked with Pharrell, Bring Me The Horizon, Tyler The Creator, Jared Leto to name but a few then produced the one night exhibition Mayhem In Manchester. A sold out solo show in one room and the countries leading rock band in another. This was the spring board to working for major magazines including Rolling Stone Magazine, Kerrang! & NME. His next step was to step into the world of fashion and art.

USA: On The Road

In 2009, COMER linked with Urban Outfitters to create the Urban Outfitters Gallery Space. He travelled from San Fransisco to Miami Beach for 3 months. The main bodies of work resulted in multiple exhibitions, including the screens of Times Square, New York City and global recognition. Ultimately this lead to COMER landing the job of a lifetime, being the official photographer and ambassador of Route 66 working for the Illinois Tourism board to generate tourism for the road, and the cities it passes through.

New York and the REAL beginning

In 2011, COMER joined forces with Lee Barber to create COMER.PHOTO. A Warhol like powerhouse of creatives from all over the globe producing content for brands and shooting fashion campaigns for the likes of Levi's, Dockers, Lee Cooper, Diesel, Nike and JD Sports. The main objective for JD Sports was to market and brand a new in-house line called Supply & Demand New York. This was where the COMER.PHOTO team shone and what introduced them to Dimetri Hogan, now a key member of the team. Together they marketed this brand for the coming years producing a distinctive look and mood that was undeniably COMER. From the streets of Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, to major Manhattan skylines, to the streets of Los Angeles, Manchester, London, Paris and ultimately hiring the whole Statue Of Liberty as a prop.

Off The Rails Magazine

In 2015, an idea born by COMER, then shared with Dimetri Hogan became Off The Rails. A mood board come platform for personal projection. After working with the likes of Vogue etc, COMER had a hunger for producing and promoting a more 'rock & roll' magazine & lifestyle. A magazine with no rules and only showcasing things they believe in. No retouching, no egos, just great art. Once manager Lee Barber saw the potential of making the magazine a viable business and a successful brand, they began to gather pace. The threesome produced a following from 2,000 to millions in the matter of weeks and now create a global printed magazine with the viewership of a major player in the market. Although still new to world of publishing, they are making waves and in 2017 they began 'Season 2' of the publication claiming 'this is the actual start of Off The Rails, the first season was to test the water, the next is to empty the pool'.

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